We can clean external and internal windows

We can clean both your external and internal windows; as well as your window and door openings upon request. We clean external windows using our pole-based, pure water system.

Our pure water is created in-house using a series of filters, including reverse osmosis and di-resin, to remove all the minerals and impurities that can be found in tap water (especially here in Bedfordshire). The result is water that is often purer that rain water – meaning that no marks are left when windows dry naturally.

No chemicals for dirt to cling to

With no chemicals for dirt to cling to, your windows will stay cleaner for longer; which means we typically visit every six/twelve weeks as opposed to the traditional four-week round.Our pure water is fed through carbon fibre poles and out of specially designed brush heads.

if we can see it, we can clean it

For internal windows we decant our pure water into spray bottles, and use lint-free microfibre cloths/pads to give a smear-free finish. The lightweight poles allow us to clean up to five storeys high as well as reaching skylights, dormer windows and windows in tricky spots while generally keeping our feet safely on the ground.  Our phrase is generally, “if we can see it, we can clean it!”

We always call or text well in advance

We generally text or call our customers the day before to let you know we are coming, this way we can be sure you're going to be in or the gate can be unlocked - which if applicable can be locked again behind us.

To summarise: 

  • Internal window cleaning option
  • No chemicals used, just pure water
  • Frames, sills, and doors washed every time
  • Those "difficult to get to" windows can now be reached with ease
  • Possible to clean 4/5 storeys high
  • Your privacy is maintained at all times