Blocked gutters can be the cause of damp inside the house, we recommend a regular check to avoid future problems. At IKG we provide a cost effective way to check your gutters to ensure that water can run freely and avoid any costly fixes further down the road.

If required we can use one of our GoPro cameras to video (1080P) or take HQ pictures so you can see what’s up there; that way you can see for yourself if it needs clearing or not. This can also save you money on the clearing costs because if only one gutter needs clearing, we will only charge you for clearing that one gutter.

To clear the gutter we use one of our purpose built high power gutter vacuums. Used in conjunction with our carbon fibre poles, we can reach heights up to 60ft as well as over extensions, conservatories and cars; all from the safety of the ground All debris remains contained in the vacuum, resulting in no mess..

  •     Gutter survey option so you can see what is up there
  •     Only pay for the gutters cleared
  •     Those "difficult to get to" gutters can now be reached with ease
  •     No mess - it remains contained within the vacuum
  •     Possible to clear gutters up to 60ft high
  •     Your privacy is maintained at all times
  •     No risk of falling due to ladders slipping, etc.
  •     Fully insured
  •     Latest equipment used

UPVC Gutter Cleaning

Gutters and soffits are often neglected because they are so high and not often seen and because the grime gets worse very slowly, it isn't until they are really bad that we notice it. IKG can clean these to a very high standard using our pure, hot water system (we don't use chemicals unless it is absolutely necessary/possible). The hot water cuts through the dirt in no time, leaving you with a sparkling finish.

IKG would recommend a regular annual clean of uPVC guttering, fascias and cladding to avoid discolouration and ensure it stays looking great.

If the UPVC is badly stained, these required additional work:

  •     Gutters and downpipes cleaned
  •     Fascias and soffits cleaned
  •     Cladding cleaned
  •     No chemical used, just pure water
  •     Those "difficult to get to" areas can now be reached with ease
  •     Possible to clean 4/5 storeys high
  •     Your privacy is maintained at all times
  •     No damage to roofs (we don't walk on them!)
  •     No holes in the lawn from ladders
  •     No risk of falling due to ladders slipping etc.
  •     Fully insured
  •     Latest equipment used